About Us

At Princes Driving School we have over 30 years experience in offering the high quality driving courses. We teach learners of all ages to drive within a structured framework, whilst trying to maximise progress with each lesson. By tailoring lessons to individual needs, pupils will never feel out of their depth.

When it comes to preparing for your practical driving test, the instructors at Princes will take you around the test routes, to familiarise and help make passing the test easier.

We cover:

  • Christchurch
  • New Milton
  • And all areas in-between!

With discounted introductory lessons and money off for block bookings we help you get on the road in an affordable way.


This is a requirement that all driving schools should ask for.

Before your first lesson you will need to validate your driving licence.

You’ll need to generate a code which will allow your instructor to check your licence details:

You will need

Your driving licence
Your national insurance number
Your home postcode
Go to this website

1. Enter your driving licence number, national insurance number and the postcode on your licence.

2. Click on “share licence information”. This creates a code. The code is case sensitive, can only be used once, and is only valid for 21 days.

3. Send the code via text with the last eight digits of your driving licence number.

In advance of your first driving lesson your Instructor will view your licence details on line. Be aware that your Instructor is encouraged to save a screenshot as evidence of the licence entitlement check.