Fast pass courses are not currently available due to a heavy workload.

Start with us now and you could “FASTPASS” your driving test within a few weeks.

The ‘fastpass’ scheme is a 20hr intensive course which we aim to complete in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on availability. For an experienced learner or a very quick learner this course can get you to test standard. For some pupils this course in not enough practice to achieve test standard but will kick-start your driving so that you get your licence faster.

Why do fast pass courses work so well?

Everything you learn will stay fresh in your mind, encouraging the new confidence in your driving to grow. Intensive courses often mean you will spend less on lessons as a whole, as you don’t have large gaps between each session.

Will an fast pass course be right for me?

For most people the answer is yes. At the end of your intensive period of learning we aim to have a test in your sights. People who have one hour of tuition a week may take months to get to that point.

Alternative courses

For pupils who have previously failed a driving test we can tailor courses to suit your needs.

A 10 hour course is £290, suitable for someone who has had previous driving experience.

If you would like to spread the intensive period of learning over a specific period e.g. a holiday just contact us to discuss availability.

If you feel this is the way for you then call us on 01425 270463 or text FASTPASS LESSONS to 07795225464 and we will call you back.