David was patient, friendly and a great teacher and thanks to him, I was able to pass my test first time! I would highly recommend him to any learner driver.

I was always a very nervous driver but David put me at ease and explained everything thoroughly. I progressed with each lesson and was never worried to ask for help. I would recommend Princes to anyone wanting an instructor who is calm, clear and patient

Always on time, never raised his voice, gave excellent advice throughout my lessons. I passed first time with David’s help. Friendly and professional, I highly recommend David if you want excellent service, and a first time pass!

My driving experience was very good. I progressed weekly within my lessons. I passed my test first time with one minor thanks to David’s tuition. David was very helpful and encouraging on the day of my test. I would definitely recommend him.

I would recommend Princes to anyone that wants to pass first time! David was always totally clear when giving instructions and he always calmed me down when I worked myself up. Learning with Princes was efficient and good value and mistakes were always met with encouragement and chatting which was reassuring and a real mood lightener.

David is the most exceptional instructor around! He is calm, encouraging and reliable. He is always constructive and prepares you for your test to the highest standard. On the day of my test he could tell the nerves were getting to me but he gave me the focus and determination to go and pass first time. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Thanks David, best experience so far!

David Inns did a thoroughly professional job always turning up on time and offering me loads of support and encouragement. He was clear with his instructions, using diagrams and honest in his feedback. I recommend Princes for all those wanting to learn how to drive.

I have just passed my driving test first time with Princes and learning to drive with them was brilliant. My driving instructor was David Inns; he was patient, motivating, calm and was always on time for my lessons. I’d recommend Princes for any one ready to learn to drive, thank you for all your help David

I’m probably one of the most easily frustrated and nervous people there is but due to David’s thorough teaching and ability to mould his teaching methods to my particular personality, I found one of the supposedly most stressful events actually one of the calmest. David didn’t shout once or have a go at me when I did stupid things. Passing my test was one of the best feelings and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Princes to anyone.

After recently passing my driving test first time I would definitely recommend David Inns/Princes to all first time drivers. All of my lessons were calm and progressive and I really felt myself becoming more confident each lesson due to the great teaching. David was always punctual and happy to work around my busy schedule. Thank you very much!!

The instruction was excellent. As English is my second language I was so pleased with the amount of support and understanding. I have tried a couple of schools in the area and I would have to say this is the best by far. I hope to see you again soon as I’m signing up for pass plus and motorway lessons. Thanks so much.

David was excellent! He was always so professional and kept a calm cool head! I passed first time with him and I recommend him to all my friends! He was best at keeping my nerves under control. David was recommended to me by my sister who passed first time with him; he was always really professional and very punctual! Thanks a lot David I wouldn’t have done it without you!

David was brilliant, he was able to teach me fast and explained everything very well, I don’t think I would have been able to pass in 4 months if it wasn’t for him. He helps you when you find things difficult and answers all the questions you ask. Thanks David for everything.

David was recommended to me, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is very professional in covering everything you need to know to pass your test and drive safely, as well as being a natural in building your confidence and managing nerves. The fact that I passed first time says it all!

Excellent tuition, did all my driving in instructors car, every lesson would always learn something new, would always get a little bit more confident at driving and a little bit better at driving. He provided lots of good constructive teaching, pointing out where I was good at driving and where work was needed to improve my driving. Passed first time, couldn’t ask for a better instructor.

Driving with Princes was definitely one of the best decisions I have made, I came back from every lesson feeling that I had progressed and that I was getting my money’s worth. David is a calm and collected instructor and he prepared me for test in the best way possible and I passed first time. I would certainly recommend Princes to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks for everything Dave.

I passed first time with Princes; they gave me everything I needed and the focus to get through my test. I would recommend Princes to learners, due to the fact that the tutors focus you 100% on driving, less of the “how was your day” or ” what’s your favourite colour” stuff, it was purely about giving me the stuff I needed to pass first time. I would personally recommend David Inns to everybody wanting to pass their driving test, thanks David.

I chose Princes because of its great reputation and I needed all the help I could get! I started out as a very nervous driver, David made me feel at ease, never raised his voice, like the previous instructor I’d had and kept encouraging me week after week. I genuinely felt like he wanted me to pass. I would recommend Princes to anyone.

Learning with Princes – David Inns – was truly a great experience! He was always on time and very calm and collected within the car during my lessons (not as I have heard with some other instructors from friends). I would and have recommended David Inns to all of my friends who are looking to learn to drive; as he has had such a valued part to one of the best days of my life, as learning to drive is such as big deal. Thank you once again Dave.

I have recently passed my driving test first time, after having tuition with Princes. As my instructor, David built my confidence every lesson. He was always on time, putting me at ease in the car, never raising his voice and always communicating clearly and constructively. I never once felt out of my depth, and found David’s manor of teaching very professional and encouraging. My older brother also learnt with David and passed first time, some years ago! I would recommend Princes to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you David!